ShopSpace is a nonprofit organization that offers access to tools, space, and the knowledge necessary to build, create, learn, and play.

THE Mission

We are a multi-faceted organization, with a physical space that celebrates and supports hands-on experiences. We offer workshop space, tools and equipment, and a culture that embraces all levels of expertise. The goals of our long-term vision are to encourage exploration and to build connections within the community.




The ShopSpace facility features a comprehensive metal shop and focuses on forging, fabrication, knife making, and jewelry. We offer a variety of classes at all skill levels, along with optional access to the shop and equipment. For special projects, private consultation is also available.

Flexibility and functionality characterize the physical space, which includes workstations, teaching space, project storage and a tool resource area. Trained staff are on hand during all open hours to greet, supervise, support and teach users.

THE culture

ShopSpace is the brainchild of people who love crafts, especially metal and wood work, and who want to share that passion with others. Empowering individuals to envision and create is the foundation of our approach. We strive to provide a safe, supportive, and creative, and accessible environment to our community.

ShopSpace programming started with a focus on metalworking and will evolve based on the needs and wants of the community we serve. We are focused on creating a dynamic, self-supporting organization with ever-changing opportunities for the community to build, create, learn and play. Future programming may include expanded capacity for woodworking, textiles and other crafts that utilize costly infrastructure, machinery and tools. 

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the location

Raleigh has earned national recognition as a center of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. Our population is increasingly divers, and our culture reflects national trends toward "do-it-yourself," a focus on locally-made and handcrafted goods, and an appreciation for arts, crafts and design. 

The NCSU College of Design has long been a creative center, and graduates of the program are remaining in the area as young professionals and key influencers. Similar ventures have succeeded in other highly-educated, creative regions of the country; ShopSpace has a high potential for success since there is a distinct lack of such flexible space in the Triangle.

Nuts & bolts

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Group Classes: Metalworking classes for 2-5 people
Private Classes: One-on-one time with professional metal workers.
Meeting Space: Access to facilities for professional gatherings (example: ABANA meetings).
Consultation: Professional consultation and support on individualized/customized projects.
Group Coaching: Classes for groups of students, co-workers or others as team-building exercises.

ShopSpace Policies

Where we started…